For this week’s classmate interview I got the chance to speak to Kylie Louthan, a first-year film major. Kylie commutes to CSULB due to living in the area and it being close to her high school.

Kylie chose to be a film major because she really liked the editing aspect of films. When she was younger, she and her cousin used to make YouTube videos at her grandmother’s house; they would write their own scripts and act it out.

To Kylie, the editing aspect of film is a lot more interesting than directing. it’s the part of the process that literally puts the film together and, whether the editing it good or bad, is what makes or breaks the film. Her favorite editing program would be that of Adobe Premier while one of her least favorites would most likely be that of the After Effect (instead of editing by seconds, you have to edit frame by frame and usually there’dd about 24 frames per second– it once took her over 2 hours to edit a 2 second clip).

As for this class, Kylie’s favorite project would have had to be that of the plaster project. Instead of using sand, Kylie used some sort of jell and it cam out amazing. She showed me a picture and the detail of it was crazing good. She also likes the art galleries and getting the chance to see all sorts of different art– just not the interviews (like me).

In her free time, Kylie watches movies on Netflix, hangs out with her friends, goes to the beach or goes to Disneyland (a lot and I’m so jealous!). She used to play tennis so occasionally she does that as well.

Although she doesn’t like living a home, it’s kind of a necessity for her. She has to stay local for school and her work (she works at a movie theater in Westminster and, surprisingly, one of her coworkers is my friend Chris! We shared various embarrassing stories of Chris, haha).

As for her later plans/ dream, Kylie hopes to attend USC someday for the film program they have there. Her overall dream in life would be that one of the films she has edited becomes an Oscar film nominee.

Overall, meeting Kylie was a great experience and I would highly recommend anyone to get to know her. You won’t regret it!


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