For this week’s classmate interview, I had the chance to speak to Eduardo Catalan Olivares, a second year math major who lives in Long Beach.

According to Eduardo, he’s in this class just to fulfill the GE requirement but he has had prior art experience in middle school. He does like drawing, but usually only doodles when he’s bored (that being of landscapes and small figures). Along with art, he also took animation in high school to get a better feel for things. In this class, his favorite project was the graffiti project and although he’s more on the mathematical side, he does enjoy the artistic side of things. To him, it’s interesting to see– because of this, he appreciates art way more than any other major.

Eduardo’s include being outdoors and reading. He says he loves reading, learning new things or just learning in general. Due to this, Eduardo says he wants to be a math teacher when he graduates. However, he doesn’t want to teach elementary kids, Eduardo wants to teach higher math (like 11th or 12th graders) for more mature receiving from his students.

Although we didn’t get to talk that long, it was nice being able to chat and meet Eduardo. I would highly recommend anyone else to talk to him, you won’t regret it!


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