For this week’s classmate interview, I got the chance to speak to Matt Mendez, a third year history major. Just like me, Matt feels a bit odd about the classmate and artist interviews. It’s not that we dislike doing them, it’s more nerve wracking having to go up to someone and hope that they haven’t done their’s yet or be down-right rejected.

Matt’s always liked history, he would always read news articles, history books and watch history channel. To him, it was intriguing. He’s currently aiming for his masters or PhD and wants to teach. When teaching, Matt prefers to teach college. When I asked him about teaching for high school he laughed and then quickly denied saying: “They would eat me alive.”

As for Art 110, Matt said he chose this class so that he would have a moderately easy class mixed with all his upper division courses. However, he does like how Glenn teaches. It’s a “cool-weird”. Along with this, Matt really likes to go looking at the galleries and seeing what the artists are capable of. His favorite assignment for this class was probably the Instagram assignment.

Since Matt had been going here for three years, I was curious as to what made him want to go here. He said he first saw the campus when he took a tour here with his junior high class. He liked the lush, green atmosphere the campus had to offer and chose it over Fullerton. When asked if he was going to do his masters here or another school, Matt said he would really like to go overseas for the rest of his education. He said it would be great to get another of history rather than the American version he has been taught.

In Matt’s free-time he likes to catch up on sleep (definitely something I do!), hang-out with his girlfriend or watch Netflix. The shoes he typically watches on there are of the Marvel series (my brother loves those too, haha).

When he doesn’t have free time but is also not in class, Matt is working. He works at a restaurant called Ruby’s Diner and really likes it. He says that he and his co-workers are very close-knit, like family. He also enjoys getting the chance to meet and talk to new people through his work.

Matt doesn’t play any sports, but he did play baseball when he was little and he is actually a pro-wrestling fan.

Some other interesting facts about Matt were: his dream car is a 1981 DeLorean (the car from Back to the Future) and his music tastes include much classic rock (like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin).

Overall, it was great getting to talk to Matt! He’s a really nice guy and we were having such nice conversation that I kept forgetting to write anything down (hence my interview having little to write about). I would highly recommend anyone to get to know Matt, you won’t regret it!


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