For this week’s classmate interview, i got the chance to meet Maddie Iwanaga, another first year psych major (like the 10th I’ve interviewed!). She hopes to take her major to criminal justice and forensics.

Maddie dorms in Beachside and is originally from San Dimas, which is about 40 minutes from here. Although Maddie chose to come to Long Beach because it was near the beach and that’s what she wanted, it seems it’s just not the right fit for her.Unfortunately, as we were talking, Maddie told me that if feels as if Long Beach isn’t for her. She’s looking to transfer to UC Santa Barbara instead.

In the mean time, she does like this class. She thinks it’s cool how we don’t have any tests (I fully agree!) but just like me, she’s too nervous to talk during class due to the class size. It’s just too nerve wracking to put any opinion out there for everyone.

Maddie and I also seemed to have a lot in common with on another. We both absolutely love photography– she’s actually the first person in this class that I could fully relate to photography with. We both did graduation photos for people we knew but Maddie has her own little business with it (I always did mine for free but now I’m a broke college student so maybe I should start charging people, haha). We also both like art and began at a young age.

Some other hobbies of Maddies would be going to the beach, playing volleyball and softball, going to Disneyland (she LOVES rollercoasters) hiking and attending just about as many concerts as she can. Her music preference is actually pretty large: she likes classic rock, punk rock and even some mellow 60’s music.

One of the most interesting things would probably be how similar our families were: Maddie has a 23 year old sister, while I have a 23 year old brother, I also have a 16 year old brother and she does too. Our fathers were oddly similar as well, both have their own businesses and tend to watch the most absurd reality shows on TV.

Some other interesting things about Maddie would be: she can lick her elbow, she hasn’t been out of state, she has a job at Coldstone that she attends every weekend when she goes home, and (again) she goes home every weekend.

Overall, I enjoyed talking to Maddie. She was really easy to talk to and it was surprising how many things we had in common with one another. I would highly recommend others to get to know Maddie, you won’t regret it.


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