For this week’s assignment, we’re to make algorithmic art… which is basically art but with a procedure to it. Due to this, I’ve decided I’ll show how to make bokeh lights in photos.

Bokeh is the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.

Or: the blurry circular orbs of light you usually see in the background of photos.

For me, I’m actually really fond of bokeh. Not entirely sure as to why I am, but I am.

To start, you’ll need a DSLR camera or a camera that allows you to adjust the focus/ lens as freely as you wish (it is possible to do this on your iPhone or Snapchat but that’s for another time), you’ll also need a tripod if your hands are naturally shaky (like me) and some sort of light source (maybe some Christmas lights or something).


**Important thing to note, sine this is ‘light bokeh’ specifically, you’ll want to have your light source to be lit in a somewhat dark room so it is omitting light– in some cases, if it’s too bright, there will be no light to capture**

First things first, put your camera on the tripod (if you’re using one).


Then, turn your camera on and point it towards your light source.


Next, put your camera setting on a setting that DOES NOT have flash. Flash will ruin the entire thing completely.


Once you have your setting, look to the side of your lens and make sure that the setting on it is on “Manual” and not “Auto”– this allows you to move the lens as freely as you want instead of the camera trying to focus it out for you.


(I turned my lights off at this point)

Now, look through your view finder and rotate your lens which ever way you’d like. The light source should appear to be blurring and making circular orbs– which it is. That is light bokeh.




Once you turn the lens to however big or small you want your bokeh, press down on the photo button and– voila! You have now taken a light bokeh picture. Congratulations; it’s /that/ simple!


With my procedure, I was hoping to show people what bokeh is (everybody looks at me so weird when I say this word to them) and how to make it. It’s rather simple but whenever I show people, they think I’m some sort of camera magician when all I did was hit a button.

I’m hoping people actually try this out– playing around with DSLR cameras is so much fun and the possibilities of your outcomes are endless! I’m also hoping this procedure was clear enough, if not… whoops.



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