For this week’s classmate interview I got the chance to talk to someone I already had met before this class and that’s Jeremy Lai. I had first met Jeremy last semester through some mutual friend who live in Hillside A with him.

Jeremy is a transfer student from Malaysia. Jeremy is currently a sophomore due to some of his credits not transferring over fully when he came to CSULB. Along with this, he’s a film major (like much of my friends, actually). Film is actually the rest as to why Jeremy had decided to go to school in California. According to him, California is one of the best places to do film and therefore you have to be here to succeed to your fullest extent. He also states that he chose to be a film major because (long story short, as he says) he used to do a lot of photography but it wasn’t until his friend introduced hi into film did he realize that moving pictures were way more interesting to him. “‘If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many words a movie is worth,’ that kinda stick to me ever since.”

As for CSULB, along with the film reason, Jeremy had decided to come to this school mostly due to cost. Unfortunately, California schools are extremely expensive (especially that of the UCs and relatively any private school). Due tot his, he applied to CSULB as well as Northridge. Jeremy decided to go here because of thee fact that Steven Spielberg was an alumni here. Now that he’s here, he says he loves the environment. With the combination of the trees and the SoCal sunsets, he always gets this sense of calming relaxation.

In regards to Art 110, Jeremy says he doesn’t really like it due to the blog format but he does love the art aspect that comes from it. Jeremy says he always loved art ever since he was a kid and used to wish to be an artist. He was never one who saw interest in science or anything like that. Art had always been his thing. It “tells your creativity”. Due to this, he really liked the “student choice” activity that we did last week. Even though he loves making art for this class, he likes being given the creativity to do what he likes rather than to fit in a certain structure or expectation. It gives him a sense of freedom to do whatever he wishes.

In his spare time, Jeremy goes to the gym or likes to play soccer (just like me!). Other than that, he usually sleeps (again, like me, haha). He’s also always willing to try something new, even though he considers himself an extreme introvert (although people tend to tell him otherwise).

Overall, it was nice getting the chance to talk to Jeremy and getting to know more about him. Before this, I hadn’t known he was a film major– nor did I know he was so interested in soccer; and I’ve known him for months! I would highly recommend getting to know Jeremy, he’s a cool guy and you won’t be disappointed at all.


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