For this week’s assignment we were to go to the beach and make a plaster sculpture of our foot or hand or basically anything we could fit into a hole on the beach.


The assignment was that once we were at the beach, we were to dig a deep hole in the sand. Then, you would place your hand or foot into the hole and fill the hole back up with wet sand around said body part (to make a casting). After that, you were to slowly take you hand out of the wet sand hole and pour in the plaster. Next, wait for 40 minutes. Finally,after the time was up, you would slowly take out your mold and admire your creation.


For my project I decided to do a molding of my hand– my hand being in the formation of my thumb, pointer finger and pinky finger up while my middle and ring finger are down (like a rock and roll hand, I guess?)


Anyways, mine did not go as well as planned.


I did all the steps correctly, I just don’t think my plaster hardened as well as it was supposed to– my hand molding broke. The wrist fell off and then the two fingers (my pointer and pinky) had been broken off and left i the sand during the removal process.


Henceforth, my project didn’t turn out too swell at all.

I did have fun, however. It was cool getting the chance to make a mold of something whereas before I didn’t really know how I would go about it. Now, all I need really is the plaster and a beach and I’m set which is pretty cool!


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