During last week’s classmate interview, I got the chance to meet Veronica Gomez, a second year child-development major (much like the major of just about every other person I have interviewed this semester!) She chose this major due to her fondness for helping kids and since she’s really good with kids considering the fact that she’s helped out with all her younger cousins. With this degree, Veronica hopes to become a child life specialist (again, like the others I have spoken to) and help the children cope with whatever challenges they go through– both mentality, emotionally and physically. It’s a “real hands-on job” according to her.
Veronica commutes from Norwalk which is close to Long Beach. She had applied to Fullerton and Domingo Hills but not any schools up north due to wanting to be near family. Long beach, however, was her first choice (like me!) and once she got in she decided to attend here– even though we don’t have a football team and she rather likes football; she’s a Niners fan just like I am so that was a great fact to find out about her!
Unlike her younger brother, Veronica likes school. She notes that although her second year is a a lot harder than her first year, she’s still pushing through it. “I’m a little behind but I hope I can get ahead… it’s a challenge but I’m working hard.” While doing this, Veronica’s also trying to convince her brother to go to school as well. At the moment he’s a senior in high school and feels that college isn’t for him, he’d rather work instead. We both then went into a huge discussion on how our brothers all in the same boat in regards to schooling and working.
As for Art 110, Veronica said she first took it primarily because it was a GE requirement. As the semester has continued, she has opened towards the class. She said she enjoys the art gallery because she gets the chance to look at different people’s art and finds it interesting. Her favorite project so far was that of the spray painting assignment at Venice. She thought it was cool to get to paint her name on a wall for others to look at.
Veronica and I talked for a long time, actually, and I found out some other little facts about her: her favorite color is blue, she has a chihuahua named Sophie and 2 parrots named Nacho and Nene, she likes to go running with her dad, enjoys rollerskating, loves the beach; she’s always at the beach, is always down to go to Disneyland (she’s actually going this month for her birthday) and one of her favorite things to do is hang out with her friends.
Overall, Veronica and I talked for a long time– I hadn’t even noticed such until it was time to do the artist interview and it was almost 11:30 by then. It was great talking to her and I would recommend anyone else in the class to get to know Veronica, you won’t regret it.


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