For this weeks class assignment we were to do three things: draw a cognitive map of campus, adopt a building on campus and draw a part of campus that we would change or alter.

So, here’s my cognitive map (I know there’s various things wrong and I’m missing much of it, oops).


The next part of our assignment was to adopt a building. In this case, i decided to adopt my dorming residence: Los Alamitos.


I decided to adopt this building not only because it’s where I live but also because it’s one of the older buildings on campus (from what I can tell due to being the older, traditional style) and because it had been newly renovated over summer.


After asking many of my floormates, I discovered that before renovations, Los Alamitos was one of the worst places to dorm. Apparently, it used to be utterly disgusting with terrible furniture– the only upside was that it was located close to the Hillside Dining hall. However, now that it’s gone through the renovations it did, many people are jealous of this building. A lot of my friends who live in Hillside suites wish they had chose to live in this hall because of the rather large common room and the fact that it comes with both AC and heating.


An interesting fact about this building would be that when it was first built, the makers messed up on the blue prints. Due to this, the girl’s wing of the dorm has urinals while the boy’s side doesn’t at all. It’s actually pretty funny and something I tend to share with anyone who comes into our building. The coffee shop on the ground floor s also interesting– one would think that it would be open during the morning (so people could get coffee, you know?) but it’s actually not. It’s only open on Mondays-Thursdays 7pm-10pm… really odd if you think about it. Los Alamitos also holds the trophy case for all the trophies of Hillside, so if we didn’t win the Turkey Bowl for instance (although we did!) then we would still get to have to trophy either way.


Overall, I really liked asking how people felt about our building. I’m glad I live here. The people I’ve met are most definitely going to be my friends for the remaining years I’m here at Cal State Long Beach (I’m planning on getting an apartment with a few of them next year!) and I also have AC for when it’s really hot outside so that’s a massive plus for me.

The next part of the assignment for this week we were to do would be that of redesigning a part of campus.

For me, I did this:


This drawing probably doesn’t make much sense, but what I decided to change would be that of the rec center and a part of the USU. For my redesign I think it would have been better to have the student rec center closer to the dorms. I know personally that I would use the dorm far more if that happened, I’m usually too lazy to walk all the way to the rec center since it’s so far– thus losing my motivation to work out.

The second part of my redesign would be to add a dining hall to the USU. Again from a personal experience, I know it would be more convenient in between classes to have such. For me, i would either have to skip a meal or quickly grab something to go because I had so little amount of time in between my classes. If the USU offered something for students that had a meal plan (like another dining hall or even a small swipe and go!) that would be great and far more convenient.

Overall, this assignment was really interesting to do. I liked the thought of revamping the campus the most– our campus is already great as is but there’s always room for improvement to make it even better.


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