For this week’s classmate interview I got the chance to meet Nathan Baldonado, an aspiring film major from Cierritos. Like me, Nathan is a first year here at Cal State Long Beach and he also dorms in Hillside (he’s in the E suites, I’m in Los Alamitos).

As I mentioned before, Nathan is a film major– although he used to be a child development major. He was originally such because not only was it “more practical” but he was also hoping to attend UC Irvine and not here. Unfortunately, he wasn’t admitted into Irvine (like myself, again) and henceforth he let his friends convince him into switching his major from child development to film. Nathan even thought about going into photography but after thinking about it, he realized that he liked film more. With his film degree, Nathan wants to teach film. Although he may not still be in child development, he still wants to keep some aspects of it– helping kids is what he enjoys and therefore wants to do that for his career.

Other than film and photography, Nathan’s hobbies also include being part of the Long Beach Christian club, watching lots of Youtube and playing the guitar. He said he comes from a musical background and also knows how to play piano– I’m completely jealous of this, those are the two instruments I wish I knew how to play. Since he doesn’t have a car, Nathan hangs out in the dorms a lot. He says he’s often stuck on campus when his friends are busy. Nathan also helps up-and-coming film students on their sets during his spare time, which I thought was pretty cool to do.

As for this class, Nathan said it’s “a love/hate relationship”; he likes the class, but to him there’s a lot of work to do. He really enjoys Thursdays because it gives him a chance to not only meet new people but also to converse with the artists.

Other interesting things I learned about Nathan include: his favorite food is sushi (and then second being Mexican), he tends to get “cough hiccups” (which he describes as being very painful) and for him, a long term aspiration would be to be happy (which I think is an amazing goal).

Overall, it was nice talking to Nathan; we actually talked for a long time, probably longer than most of the interviews I had this semester. I would highly recommend getting to know Nathan, you won’t regret it!


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