For this week’s classmate interview, I got the chance to meet Danielle Elemento who (like many others I have met this semester!) is a first-year psych major (hasn’t decided whether to minor or not) and dorms in Beachside. Danielle, like me, is originally from the Central Valley. She grew up in Stockton, about 40 minutes out from where I live (Modesto) and then during her freshman year of high school, she moved here, Mission Viejo, due to her father being offered a job transfer. Although she had always looked forward to graduating with her friends since elementary, Danielle wasn’t /that/ upset with the move– it was SoCal, x10000 better than the valley, to be honest.

Though SoCal, Long Beach hadn’t been Danielle’s first choice for college attendance. Eventually, however, she did decide on Long Beach due to being close to home, the community and nice location it has to offer. There are restrictions, however, but not as many as expected. She really enjoys ow diverse the campus is.

Also like a previous interview I had done, Danielle says she uses to become an occupational therapist. She’s really wanted to help kids with special needs or disabilities cope with their everyday lives ever since she took a shadowing job of the like– it’s exactly what she sees herself doing and wants to do nothing but such.

In regards to Art 110, Danielle really likes that this class isn’t based upon knowledge but rather perspective. She was actually enrolled in a different art class, one that she saw as boring and tedious, until she enrolled into this one because a friend of hers had recommended it.. Danielle also really likes to draw but one of her favorite assignments thus far in the class would be that of the “Dead Portrait” assignment we had– she liked throwing herself down stairs for the effect.

Overall, Danielle and I were able to keep a comfortable conversation going, even with my anxiety. I learned that she has an older sister who goes to SF, her favorite color is pink, she has’t had any pets and is into just about any type of music. It was really nice getting to know Danielle– she’s really friendly and sweet, I would recommend anyone in the class to get to know her. They wouldn’t regret it.


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