This week’s assignment was entitled “Remix Culture” and with that we were to basically take both something old and something new and kind of morph them into a remix of a sort and have it relate to our culture and then– tada! Remix culture.

For me, however, that wasn’t entirely as easy as it sounded. I had a terrible time trying to think of what I should do and do to this, I created this… thing. It’s a combination of both the 1984 Footloose final dance scene and the 2011 Footloose final dance scene remake. I not only morphed both scenes, but I also alternated between the original “Footloose” song and the, again, remake song.

I don’t know if this constitutes as a remix culture but it was still fun to do– I like making these types of tacky video things (as you could probably tell from the Mina Show assignment we had and I just did a montage of the shenanigans my friends and I pull).

With this then come the copyright issue. Although I did make the remix of this video, I do not own anything¬†within it. All rights are reserved to that of the film producers, the musicians and everybody else that took part in the creations of these video clips. By saying this, I’m clearly showing that I do not take credit for that part of this video nor did I make profit for making it but I did make the little over lay stuff and alternate between the soundtracks. That’s about all the credit I can take on this. So I would say that the license being taken part here would be the “non-commercial license”.

Lastly, I think the copyright issues are odd. I don’t fully understand them nor do I think I will ever fully understand them. I get that the creator should get credit where credit is due but if someone knows it’s them, then why must they sue for someone using their song as a background track? That, I don’t understand at all.


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