For this week’s artist interview, I had the chance to meet the talented Laura Scattergood and her extremely captivating fiber display in the Merlino gallery. Although one would argue that “extremely captivating” is a bit strong, if they were to see her gallery they would most certainly agree.


Laura Scattergood had “always been an artsy kid” she says, yet when she first began college she was a psych major. It didn’t take her long to realize that she wasn’t a science person, however, and then decided to pursue her degree in textiles. Textiles was something she always played with when younger but it wasn’t until she was much older that she realized you could actually do something with the textiles– something important in a sense.


When first walking into the room, you see enormous amounts of gold and bright lights, all shining and memorizing you with beauty– then, you realize what it is you’re looking at. Bullets. Guns. Shooting targets. It’s disturbing yet gorgeous at the same time.


Scattergood told us that her piece was made specifically for this gallery She worked solely on this creation since August (she tells how she got relatively no amount of sleep and had no time for anything else) and hoped to get one message across with it: violence. Violence is a huge problem that is only increasing within the lives we live. Scattergood said her inspiration originally came from the numerous school shootings and of the like. “It’s disturbing how it’s happening everywhere in the same time span… it’s strange [to think] that this has become a normal thing in society.” With the display, one can see bullets holes and guns protruding through the couch; long, thin wires leading the eyes; bullets beneath a rug (symbolizing that these events are simply “swept under the rug”) and (what I find the most thought provoking of the piece) a mirror enclosed by a ring of bullets.


She says she wants her piece  to provoke you– to bring out some sort of emotion or reaction and make you think about how this effects you– does it even effect you? The gallery was meant to give the viewer a sense of intensity, one that makes you reconnect with yourself and really questions things; such as the future or the society we live in today. For Scattergood, she believes that the future we’re leading towards is kind of bleak. We’re a very individualistic and problematic society who refuses to be held accountable for their own actions– it’s only going down from here for us. There’s also various social issues and violence. Kids can’t even be kids, they’re not allowed to be free and enjoy childhood anymore with such limitations. I believe this is something our society should pay attention to more that we do.


Overall, I was amazed and completely intrigued by Scattergood’s show. In all honestly, I find it my favorite of all the shows I have seen thus far– I’ve liked it so much that I can hardly put into words to describe it. It was just that good. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone and everyone– it’s not only spectacular but it also brings up many key points that society should look into more instead of focusing on sports and reality shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians.





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