For my classmate interview, I got the chance to meet Summer Morgan! Like me, Summer is also a freshman here at Cal State Long Beach. Also like me, she dorms in the Hillside College– she’s in Los Cerritos while I’m in Los Alamitos; so we’re pretty close to one another.

Summer is a psych major who absolutely loves to watch Netflix in her spare tie. She actually told me that she’s pretty sure she’s seen just about everything on there. Her favorite series include: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and even Parks and Rec. As for her favorite movie, that would probably be Grease.

As for college, Summer isn’t too happy that she’s going her. Originally, she was counting on her getting into Cal Poly SLO along with her best friend. Unfortunately, she didn’t. Then, she decided she would either go here or UC Santa Cruz– but she hated it there so she came here.

However, Summer finds herself extremely homesick. Whereas I don’t miss being home /so/ much, Summer misses it terribly. She misses her family and being close to them. Due to this, next semester she’s dropping and is going to go to a community college near home. She’s hoping by doing this, she will be able to transfer and finally be able to go to Cal Poly. “It’s so hard to come home when you’re so far away.”

It was really nice getting to know Summer. Although she seemed sad being away from her loved ones, I hope that she’ll soon perk up once more when she’s back with them.


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