For this week’s assignment, we were to take a self-portrait.. but in a bit of a twisted sense. The self-portrait we were meant to take would be that of our death.


For me, after having thought about it, I chose that I would like to die in my sleep. I feel like that this would be a good departure for me because when you’re asleep, sometimes you’re so deep that you may not feel anything. It would be peaceful. I wouldn’t be scared, I wouldn’t fight it, or anything like that. I would just left it take me. Silently and comfortably. Like a dream.


That’s how I would like to die. Hopefully I would be a lot older than i am now as well. I want to live a long, prosperous life before I feel death coming for me– if that’s possible that is. Either way, I’d rather be asleep. I don’t want to be awake and literally see death and myself dying.

The other part of this assignment we were meant to do was to take a tour of the printing process. However, when I went (during the time you said to on Thursday), there wasn’t anyone there. It was empty and seemed as if a class was going on in the room next door. Henceforth, I took some pictures to prove  went. Sorry again.

IMG_6448 IMG_6449 IMG_6450 IMG_6451 IMG_6452 IMG_6453


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