For this week’s artist interview I had the chance to meet probably one of the “chillest” artists I’ve met all semester. I was able to meet and interview Jordan Phillips in Gatov-East, a sculpting artist from Boston. Originally, she was a classical arts artist. However, she “got super bored” with it and decided to pack everything up and come to California. It was almost like a /spur of the moment/ kind of thing for her. She wanted to branch out and try not only anything but also everything.


According to Jordan, Cal State Long Beach is great for her and other artists because it has the widest array of things you can do for your major (although there is no minor  for art). Backpacking on this, she jokes that she’s been putting off graduating because there’s so any other classes that she hasn’t taken yet. She also finds is frustrating when people question her decision to major in art. People would say things like, “Why go to school for it if you can do it just for fun?” To Jordan, it’s simple: art i her life and that’s what she wants to do.


After moving here, Jordan took at metals class and completely fell in love with it. Along with this, she also works with enamel, kilns, and hammering to get her art the way she wants it to look (she even uses acid on certain works so it’ll get this kind of crazy aspect to it).


Jordan sculpts various different objects with strong emphasis on flowers and organic themes. When she described it to me, she said it’s kind of like looking at cells through a magnified scope and interpreting the shapes/ colors of what she sees in her pieces. She likes to portray all the psychedelic colors and the changing geometric shapes. Mixing mediums if one of her favorite things to do as well, like fibers and woods.


Jordan also tells that she usually doesn’t keep much of her pieces. Either she will go back and tweak them later (silver can be melted down to start all over again) or she simply throws out the ones she believes are “crap”.


Although she states it’s always interesting to pursue art, it can also be terribly expensive. For Jordan, she spends about $500 on silver and glass every semester. These past weeks as she prepared for the show she was just about completely broke ad was living off fast food and the free ramen noodles in the campus studio.


It’s also interesting that most of the women in her family are some sort of artists or designed. So, I guess you could say she comes from a line of creativity!


The reason I think Jordan is one of the chillest artists I’e met is because of the way she interacted with all of us. Although this was her first show, Jordan was extremely friendly and we talked about more than just her pieces of art. We talked about various other things, I actually felt as if I got to know her more than the other artists I interviewed even though this interview was possibly one of the shorter ones I had done.


Overall, I really enjoyed the originality that Jordan incorporates with her art. I would have never thought to be inspired by organic cells, mitochondria or anything else of the like. Along with the colors and shapes she explores, it’s extraordinary. Just looking at the colors is a trip–in a good way! I would highly recommend everyone I know to go look at Jordan’s gallery. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

IMG_6442 IMG_6444 IMG_6445 IMG_6446 IMG_6447


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