I came mid-way into but this week I got the chance to meet Lacey Alaniz for our classmate interview. It’s actually pretty funny because I /had/ met Lacey once before! She’s friends with my friend Sarah and we met around the beginning of the semester during dinner once.

Lacey’s originally from Huntington (which is pretty close to Long Beach) and decided to come to Cal State Long Beach because she was always on campus when she was younger. She had played softball growing up and therefore she would come here for her games. So, even though San Diego State University was her first, Lacey chose here because she was more familiar with it. She “can’t imagine being completely on [her] own”.

Although she’s currently a history major, she said she may switch to marketing instead. Like me, she’s a freshman who also dorms in Los Alamitos– she’s on the second floor while I’m in the first. When talking about the dorms, Lacey said she had actually “cheated” on her roommate housing application because instead of answering the questions as she normally would, she and her best friend from home filled out the survey with the same answers so that they would both be dorming with one another this year.

Other than softball, Lacey loves to watch movies and Netflix. She says her favorite movies are Good Fellows, Sweet Home Alabama and Pulp Fiction.

All-in-all, I hope others get the chance to meet Lacey. She’s not only super nice but she’s also a great listener. I would highly recommend getting to know her.


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