For this week’s assignment, we were to “yarn bomb” either at home or somewhere on campus. Well, for me, I had never yarn bombed before. All I knew was that it was similar to graffiti bombing. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as yarn bombing until this class to be brutally honest. Never had I seen it until now.


I tried going into the Fiber arts building to look at some pieces on the second floor but when I had gone (the only tie I was available to go) there was a class in there so I wasn’t able to actually /go in/ and see the fiber art.


For me, I don’t know how to knit or anything like that so instead of struggling to learn how to on Youtube, I had my friend Karrie help me. She had a small blanket just about finished so I did a few squares on it and then “bombed” it in my building common room on the lecture podium.


In this case, yarn bombing was fairly easy because I had the material ready. If I didn’t and was bombing like an actual yarn bomber (with just a ball of yarn that I had to knit) I don’t think it would have been so simple to do.


When compared to graffiti bombing, I would say that I preferred graffiti over yarn. In the case of graffiti bombing, I was able to be more creative with what I wanted to portray. I love to draw and paint so gratifying for me came naturally (it wasn’t good, but the point is that I found it rather easy to go and spray a wall rather than knit a blanket for a podium).


This being said, it’s kind of sad and irritating that knitting is seen as “woman’s work” while other art is dominated by men. Therefore, I guess I don’t fit the “womanly stereotype” of knitting in any sort. I’d rather stick to paint.



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