Kickstarter, one of the new/ popular donation sites, is the basis of this week’s in the way that this week we are to basically go through some of these Kickstarter proposals and choose the one that seems to captivate us.

For my assignment I chose the categories: Photography and Music

I first went into the photography category due to the fact that I am highly interested in photography. While in the category, one video really caught my eye. That being the Kickerstarter video for “What’s Going on: America 1969-1974”.
(WordPress deosn’t support “iFrame” videos so it’ll just show as a link rather than video preview)

What really drew me to this video would be that of the thumbnail the photographer chose. Ken Light, the man behind this Kickstarter project and the photographer, was able to hook in viewers of this project by not only accurately telling what he wanted to raise the money for (hopefully to make a book in showing the side of what is considered to be “Lost History” due to the fact that nobody seems to talk much about this critical American era). I was also captivated by the pictures that he showed, along with the “Rewards” he offered to his donors. For me, it made me not only want to keep watching the video but wishing I had money to donate to him. I’ve always been interested in this time and here is a book that contains pictures taken by a guy who experienced it all– what more could I ask for?

In contrast, the Kickstart that I saw that I was not interested in at all would be the “Detroit Experience” by a poster by the name of Brian.

It’s not that I have anything against Detroit, it’s that this Kickstarter didn’t really have anything to it. The poster spent more tie talking about himself in the Kickstarter description than he did telling about what he wants to use the donation money for. Along with that, he didn’t even have a Kickstarter video– he only had a picture for his thumbnail; a picture that he didn’t even seem to take. You can simply Google: “Detriot Skyline Wallpaper” and it pops up:



With all these aspects kept in mind, I the Kickstarter done by Ken Light. His Kickstarter was more legit, captivating and informative whereas the one by Brian was lacking much of such.

The next category I chose was that of Music.

When browsing, I was drawn to not only the title but again the thumbnail chosen for Students Not Suspects: the “Listen” Music Video by Matre.

The Kickstarter is meant to be a “a response to the militarization of our schools, communities, and country”. I felt that if anything, this Kickstarter should be donated to because it’s also a response to the important current events that’s going on in the world today.

In contrast to this, again, was “Day Of The Idealist” -Band, Solo-Artist Funding by Robert L. Davis Jr. In his Kickstarter, Davis doesn’t even give an example of his music– or anything to show that he’s a true musican needing the money to create his said album.

Due to this, I would go donate to the Listen music video.

Looking back at how I decided to choose which one I would donate to, I would say that it’s important to try and capture and captivate the viewer in order to get them to donate. Henceforth, it’s important to put together a great presentation if you’re looking to actually receive money.


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