For this week’s classmate interview I interviewed Julyssa Juarez. Julyssa is an 18-year-old first year here at CSULB and is currently an undeclared major. Last semester, she had been in Communicative Disorders but she felt the need to drop due to the excessive anatomy classes. She originally wanted to pursue that major because it was something “different” and so that she could do something along the lines of speech therapy (something her brother had gone through when little). However, now that she’s undeclared, she feels a little lost and it open to questioning others about their majors– she said she wants as much feedback as possible because she’s so open-minded to all majors that she has no idea what interested her. “It’s so difficult.”

CSULB hadn’t been Julyssa’s first choice, either. Being from Downey, she describes her high school as a “feeder school” and therefore she came here because it offered her the most money. Henceforth, she came into college very negative about the situation. As she looks back, however, Julyssa notes that she took her acceptance for granted. She comments on how great the school actually is and that she’s beginning to like it more now.

As for outside school, Julyssa loves to play volleyball. She’s played the sport for 7 years running and is currently working as an assistant coach at Off Shore. She also likes to hang out with her friends and explore whenever she gets the chance to do so.

In regards to art, Julyssa feels that art is everywhere but it is extremely unappreciated. Considering the fact that artists put so much time and effort into their art, she feels that there should be more recognition for them. It’s hard enough for them to make a living as is, the least people can do it appreciate the art if they’re not going to buy it. Julyssa’s favorite art form is sculptures because she thinks it’s cool and likes the process– like that of Maccabee’s. Commenting on Art 110, Julyssa says she likes it so far because not only is it easy but it’s also something she didn’t expect.

Although we all didn’t have much of a conversation other than interviewing one another (it was a three-way interview we were trying to accomplish), it was nice getting the chance to meet Julyssa. I would recommend others to meet her as well because not only is she kind but she seems to be the type of person that is always open to meeting new people. You should definitely get the chance to meet her if you ever have it!


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