This week for the classmate interview I got the chance to meet Christen Drake (she’s unsure why he parents spell it that way but “it’s the way it is”), who’s a freshman like me as well. She was originally going to go to SF or NY for college but decided to stay close to home by going to Long Beach instead. She dorms in the international house (which reminds her of summer camp) and she’s a fashion merchandising major– although she would like to be a fashion designer but the program is too much pressure due to the constant need for creativity and many people stealing each other’s ideas and taking credit for them. “I would want to do it for the fun, but that’s not really what would happen.”

Christen is really open to trying new things– she wants to experiment everything and wishes she could. Before fashion, she was interested in random art stuff/ projects, especially that of painting. She unexpectedly found her interest in fashion after taking attending a fashion merchandising program in LA and feels its something that she can see herself doing for the rest of her career.

It’s actually pretty funny when we first introduced ourselves because we both said how much we hated doing interviews due to how awkward and anxious we get around people we don’t know. We both like to meet people, but it’s pretty hard for us to do so. We don’t mean to appear close off but it’s just because we’re both really uncomfortable in social situations.

After that we talked about our home towns. Christen’s from Anaheim which is pretty close by so she usually goes home on the weekend to hang out with her boyfriend; they typically watch TV throughout the day but she’s hoping this weekend that he’ll help her with her art project. This week she wants to do go on a road trip and “do whatever and go anywhere”. She wants to see places and stop to interview people. Naming it the “Roadtrip Collective”, Christen hopes to take this project on for many years and expand it– she wants to not only interview people but also get them to draw a little picture on a slip of paper and on the back write where they are. She hopes to collect these at every place she’s been.

Overall, Christen and I had a nice conversation. We were able to talkative (although we usually aren’t) and we ended up laughing a lot. I’m glad I got to meet her, if you ever get the chance to talk to her I would highly recommend doing so!


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