Within week’s assignment we were supposed to do something similar to that of “The Mina Show”, “Performance Art” or something outside our comfort-zone. I somewhat did this… kinda. What I made was a completion video of basically all the things I do to try and get outside my comfort-zone. I had terrible social anxiety and therefore I tend to not do things as much as I would like to. Due to this, I decided to try and be more social– the result was this video pretty much.

It doesn’t necessarily follow the guidelines but I did do something I typically wouldn’t do (I even learned how to long board this weekend but the video file got delete so that suck because that was quite possibly one of the most “out-of-comfort-zone” things I did.

Even so, this project helped me become more social and out-going… a bit anyways. I had fun doing things that I usually wouldn’t and making new friends with people on my floor. And even though it isn’t necessarily what we were supposed to do for this week, it still gave me the same conclusion because before this assignment I probably would have never done any of this.

But please don’t show anyone this video, it’s embarrassing, haha


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