For this week’s artist, I looked at the art of Makaila Palmer in the Gatov-West gallery. At first glace, one would think that Makaila’s artwork is simply colorful landscapes and scenery but there’s actually much more to that.

IMG_0085 - Copy

Makaila had first began her work when she went to Europe for Study Abroad to gain experience and learn about painting. There were so many languages among the places that she went and she didn’t know how to communicate with everyone. Then, she realized that all these places had one thing in common with one another: the euro. This intrigued Makaila, along with the vibrant beauty that the euro demonstrated (unlike the dull dollar bills here in America). The art in the cities had also inspired her to paint– seeing art in person rather than in pictures gave her this new influence in her art.

IMG_0082 - Copy

With this, Makaila began to paint from her memory. “If you’ve been there, it invokes a sense of remembering.” Makaila begins each painting with a pencil sketch and sometimes a photography (however, she usually uses her memory). The she would paint the environment that she saw during her travels (along the top part of her canvas) and then diagonaled at the bottom she would paint memoryscapes that belonged to the place she visited/ was painting (containging many aspects of the euro from said place, like the stars). Typically speaking, the top is more colorful with thicker paint while the bottom is monochrome, thinner and very “sketch-like”. Each painting is different from the next. Although all of them are filled with color and beauty, Makaila tries to recreate each in its own way.

IMG_0077 - Copy

Makaila says she would love to go back to rural Ireland and would love to travel to Spain and the rest of Europe. “my mother was a huge traveler, I want to be able to travel to more places than her.” She also told us stories about when she traveled. Makaila said it is scary at first considering you’re in a place where you’ve never been and (most of the time) cannot speak the same language as those you’re with but it’s also a life-changing experience. It’s a challenge to yourself– much like with art. “It changes you. Just gotta do it and see what happens.”


Makaila also told us that it’s important to not only build friendships in order to gain feedback and help to stay focus, but also to build networks– you never know what could happen by simply meeting one person.

IMG_0089 - Copy

Overall, I loved Makaila’s work and the uniqueness it contained. I think what drew me in the b=most was the colors and how each blended in so easily with one another but then was able to stand out from the monochrome at the bottom. I would have never thought of this and seeing how she did just goes to show how creative she is. There’s nothing else like it and I would highly recommend this gallery to others.


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