This week I got the chance to meet Candice Cheung for the classmate interview! From our interview, I was able to learn various things about Candice. She’s the youngest of her family, has an older sister who also graduated from Long Beach and is from the San Gabriel valley. Like me, Candice has always liked drawing (primarily due to her mother being a good artist– also like me, haha). She also loves to dance. Since she was about six years old, Candice took interest in ballet. She love it so much that she continued it until her senior year in high school. Along with that, she was also on a competitive dance team that won a huge competition in Vegas during her last year. Even though she loves dance, she isn’t majoring in it.. She describes herself as a good dancer in the sense of dancing for fun and exercise but not in the sense of being able to make it her major.

Just like Abby who I interviewed last week, Candice was a freshman pre-nursing major as well. She originally wanted to get into the nursing program at UCI (it was her number one and her sister had gone there as well). Unfortunately, she didn’t get in due to it being so intense and she decided to come here for nursing instead. However, she is now a pre-human development major due to the fact that the nursing program had been stressful for her. It wasn’t that it was hard because she did get good grades, it was more of the fact that the grades weren’t as good as she wanted them to be. Candice was also weary of having to take chemistry this semester (you need it for pre-nursing) and because of that she decided to switch her major before having to take it and possibly “wasting time”.

Yet, Candice is still interested in helping people– hence her switching to human development. She wants to take her major in the direction that she can do occupational therapy, that being her working with children who have disabilities in doing everyday things.

Besides helping people, Candice also enjoys just hanging with her friends from back home. Even so, she doesn’t really get the chance due to her two best friends going to college up north. That’s a huge reason as to why she loves when we have breaks– so she gets to see her friends after not having the chance to for months.

To conclude, Candice is one of the nicest people I’ve met thus far. She may be shy at the beginning but towards the ends she’s full of life and nothing but kind. If you ever get the chance to speak to her, you definitely should!


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