photography black and white light bokeh


This week we were to make (or use) an Instagram account and post what we were doing throughout the day to the hashtag #ART110S15. Instead of spamming up my personal Instagram, I had decided to make a new one. I primarily posted what I was seeing– like when I was waiting for class to start (my camera in the Art Courtyard) or when I had just woken from a nap (the dark room and vague light coming though my window).


Once we were through with that and the day was up, we were to check the tag out and see what our classmates had posted. Like me, it appeared (at the beginning) that that’s what people were also doing– making new account and just posting things that they saw rather than themselves.


It was also interesting to see some of the things people were doing throughout the day. With over 500 posts, it was evident that nobody was doing the same exact thing as another.

While one classmate likes Fireball in the morning, another prefers Starbucks.

However, as I kept scrolling and continually went back throughout the day, more and more people were then posting selfies of themselves–


— not that that’s a bad thing at all, I even put one up as well. It’s just interesting to see how an app that once began as a photography app has now become a social media app for people to post pictures of themselves.

With that being said, it’s intriguingĀ to see all the different perspectives we all have in our day-to-day lives. We were all given the same exact task for the day but had various outcomes that tended to differ completely from one another. Just goes to show that we’re all our own person rather than a copy of one another.


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