black and white venice graffiti


For this week’s class assignment, we were to write our names in graffiti– whether that be in our backyards or in Venice on the legal graffiti wall. I did mine on the wall in Venice (although it wasn’t that great at all whatsoever).

IMG_9880 IMG_9884 IMG_9889

The experience, however, was great. It was my first time “bombing” on anything and it was so much fun to try. I did feel bad that I was writing over other people’s work though (especially since they were x1000 better than mine were). Spray painting is fun and hard– I can see why it’s difficult for many and why people get so irritated when their art is repainted. It’s also a form of self expression, as long as it’s on legal walls I think it should be preserved; like that of Banksy. I wouldn’t mind doing this again!

csulb graffiti venice


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