abby luna


For this week’s classmate interviews I got the change to meet Abby, who is one of the sweetest people I have met thus far in this class.

Like me, Abby is a freshman as well. Unlike me, she’s from Downey (or LA area) so she commutes rather than dorming. She still loves the campus, however. The environment, the beauty and how green it is are her favorite parts about CSULB.

She says she’s undeclared, but she really hopes to become to be a nurse. Although many people become nurses “just for the money”, Abby says she’s not interested in anything like that. She wants to become a nurse because she loves helping and giving to people.She told me that she would really like to become a nurse so that when her mother gets old, she would know how to take care of her-  just like her mother had done when Abby was younger. Abby would also buy something for someone else rather than herself. She sees happiness in that and in my opinion I feel that everyone should feel that way. What I found interesting was that Abby has been working since she was 12 years old (I haven’t even had one job and I’m 19!). That’s determination and dedication right there.

Through the interview we had, I found out various things about Abby. Her favorite color is blue, her favorite animal is an elephant (just like me!), one of her favorite hobbies is going to the movies, she plays basketball, and not many people know this but she always wears glasses.

I’m really glad I got the change to meet Abby. Not only is she extremely nice, she’s also giving me a ride to the Venice spray painting tomorrow (so that’s a huge plus considering I had no way to get there whatsoever!) If you ever get the chance, I would highly recommend getting to know Abby Luna. You won’t regret it.


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