black and white csulb sculpture artist maccabee shelley


For the art gallery this week, I went to look at the Gatov gallery– in which the sculptures done by Maccabee Shelley were on display.

Maccabee Shelley

Within this gallery, one can see extraordinary sculptures in all shapes and sizes– some of which look as though they were dripping upward rather than downward. The way in which the patterns of the sculptures intertwine and bleed into each other is amazing, to say the least. It’s so detailed that you just want to keep looking closer and closer for more.

Maccabee Shelley

Maccabee’s work with ceramics is different than those of others. He doesn’t just use ceramics to make his art, he also uses glass (he’s been working with bottles, primarily) within to add an extra flare to the art. When asked why he uses glass, told me it was not only challenging, but also cool. “[It’s] different than just glass art… it’s interesting and challenging.” He also tells that glass is similar to that of ceramics, plus, glaze is just about the same as glass so working with it was (in a sense) the same.

Maccabee Shelley

Maccabee also makes his own original molds for his sculptures using only that of his hands. He sometimes inverts the sculpture, maybe will add some paint to it, or even keep accidents on it (such as when he accidentally spills melted glass, as he did on one of the displayed works).

Maccabee Shelley

The most interesting thing I may have found when talking to him was that he tends to find inspiration within his own work. When he finishes a project, Maccabee recalls that there may be something within said project that he wants to make bigger or focus on more in a new way. With this, he then begins a new sculpture and encompasses the features that he was intrigued by in the previous work.

Maccabee Shelley

Personally, I think that is amazing. The fact that one can find inspiration within their own work is something not many people have.

Maccabee Shelley

I enjoyed not only getting to see Maccabee’s work but also being able to capture photos of it (although they don’t do his sculpture quite the right amount of justice).

Maccabee Shelley

Overall, I would give his gallery a 10/10

If you wish to see more of Maccabee’s work or get in contact with him:

Instagram: MaccabeeShelley




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